The Fears

I would be lying if I said nothing about this project  terrifies me. When I’ve told people who know me what I’m planning to do they have had either of two reactions; the first is, ‘Wow, that will be amazing!’, the second is, ‘Have you gone completely mad?’ Having initially been on the first celebratory positive side myself, the second set of realists have started to make me question myself a little. These are thoughts that have struck me late at night, lying in the dark when the worries worm in:

1. Will I have to eat baked beans?

I HATE baked beans. You know the ones, in the turquoise can with the sticky orange lavaesque sauce. I hate the taste, I hate the smell and I hate the sight of them. I’m not great with any types of beans really for the simple reason that the texture of them reminds me too much of the offensive ones. I won’t have them cooked in my house in my presence and woe betide anyone who cooks them while I’m out and fails to wash the pot or plates. When I order a cooked breakfast, Irish or English, I try to make it very clear that I do not want baked beans in case there is any confusion. It is not enough for me to just push the beans to the side, nor is it acceptable to me to have the beans scraped off as certain establishments have offered to do (horrified face!). It is not even good enough for me that they remove the other breakfast components and serve them to me on a clean plate because  if there is even the teeniest smudge of bean juice on a sausage, that sausage and anything it has been in contact with is bean tainted and so lost to me. In fact, even if there isn’t an obvious bean contamination, I find it so hard to trust that there isn’t that I won’t enjoy it for my compulsive scrutinizing. You get the point. I can’t stand them. So half way up the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, on campers’ rations, after a day’s trekking, in desperate need of protein and carbohydrates, what on earth will I do if baked beans turns out to be all that is on offer to eat?

2. Will there be creepy crawlies?

Being a mother of two boys, I have been exposed to a fair few insects. I have had to learn to tone down the hysterical screaming and running on the spot that the mere sight of an earwig used to evoke in me to a cool ‘Could you take that outside please because I’m very silly and even though I know that that caterpillar can’t hurt me, I’m still a little bit scared of it.’  Then I remove myself to another room and let the frantic head scratching and shoulder shuddering commence in private. I’ve lived in countries frequented by cockroaches, the absolute creepiest of all the crawlies, and I have fearfaced enough to be able to control myself within a distance of about 2m from one without completely freaking out. Any closer than that though and the manical jumping on tables and incontrollable shrieking and pointing begins. Mt Kilimanjaro is in Africa. There are insects like this:

and this:

and much much unimaginably worse. I will be sleeping in a tent on the ground at night and wandering through rainforests during the day. D’ya think I’m going to manage to stay within my 2m comfort zone? Hmmm.

3. Will I manage to raise the funds?

It’s €5000. I’ve to raise €5000. So far I’ve raised a grand total of …zero. As my 4 year old helpfully pointed out a few days ago ‘Zero means nothing at all!’ So help me out here. Hit that donate button to the right. Any little amount will help and encourage me. There’s a My Charity page if you prefer at JennyclimbsKili It really is a worthy cause. All babies need their parents with them. Tiny, sick, too-early to this world ones need them even more. Not just for their comfort and peace of mind but for their health; to help stabilise their breathing and heart rate by their mothers’ very presence. Let’s try to take some of the financial pressure off parents in this situation at least.

You can  also help by sharing this blog around the Internet. If I can get a decent amount of traffic on it some local companies might be prepared to sponsor me in return for a banner or a mention.

I really do appreciate all the support.

Thank you,



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