Back in the saddle.

I am sorry for the delay between updates. There was some confusion, some doubt, some sickness, some other charity work and an annual festivity that provokes major excitement in my house between the last post and this. I didn’t want to push for donations while there was any uncertainty that I may go.

The agency that is running the trek have cancelled the trek that we were supposed to be on. However, we are STILL GOING because they’ve given us a new date of June 7th. This is a whole month sooner than scheduled. Now I’m wishing I pushed on with the fundraising because I’m really going to be  under pressure.

My current fundraising total is €170….of €5000 – approximately 3.5% so I’ve a long way to go. In addition to this I will need equipment; boots, sleeping bag, hiking trousers etc. It gets quite cold at night up there I’m told. Also, because now we are going in June and not July it is likely to be snowing.

So I need help.  Most of all I need your donations. If all the hits on this blog so far had translated to a donation of €10 I’d have the entire amount – but they haven’t. I am so so grateful to those that have sponsored me already and I know Irish Premature Babies are too. They’ve told me so. I need people who will help me pack bags in supermarkets. I need bands that will play a gig for the charity. I need  people to hold coffee mornings for me. I need people to share this blog and ask their friends and colleagues to donate. Hey, its like I’ve actually become a charity myself!

Please donate here now to JennyClimbsKili Please share this blog. Please leave comments and come back often so I can sell advertising on it. Please help make it easier for parents of tiny tiny babies to be close to them. Please help me climb this mountain.





2 responses to “Back in the saddle.

  1. I know you can do this, best of luck 🙂

  2. You just have to stay focused.

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