Planning, panic & production

I love this poster. Many thanks to Bryan Curran for the design. It’s definitely one I’ll keep and frame. That’s assuming the night is one I’ll want to remember of course. You may notice there have been a few changes to the line-up. More experienced event managers than I informed me that I was being crazily ambitious in trying to get six acts on and off stage in four hours and was risking much rush-induced quality loss and general artistic disgruntlement by attempting same. This posed the next problem which was who do I drop from the line-up. I love all the bands and couldn’t wait to hear them play live. I really didn’t want to let anyone down or disappoint anyone and didn’t Geldoff get away with 15 min sets at Live Aid? This is that big in my head.

Anyway reason reigned for once, and many thanks to The Kartels and Derek Flynn for graciously stepping down. I really hope to see them at The Kilimanjaro Rock Event 2.

So this is it. Please like and share this and The Kilimanjaro Rock Event FB page. But most of all please come along on the night and have fun!


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