For sale – One husband.

So far I’ve raised just under €2000. I’ve paid my registration fee and I’ve got good boots. The bag packing is looking less and less likely. I’ve tried every supermarket in a 10 mile radius and they’re all apparently booked up for the year since November.

So I’m selling my husband. I do have his permission. He has kindly offered to give a days handywork to the highest bidder. He can paint, tile, weld, plumb, garden and is generally good at fixing stuff. Look around your house at all those annoying things that need to be fixed. Dodgy door handles, drippy taps, stained ceilings, dishwashers that don’t or bushy…er… bushes, George’ll come over and fix what he can in a day with the guarantee he’ll finish anything he starts. All the proceeds go towards my climb. Make an offer in the comments or to jennyfoxe[at]gmail[dot]com and my lovely husband goes to the highest bidder. I do want him back though 🙂


One response to “For sale – One husband.

  1. hahaha I love this! Sorry the bag-packing won’t work out- but selling George (temporarily) seems fair. 🙂 Good luck!! 🙂 xx

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