With regret…

Unfortunately, I’m not going to make it up Mt Kilimanjaro this year. Not only did I not reach my target of €5000, my family and I were given the opportunity to emigrate to the US and we have to take it within a certain time limit. As I’m sure you’ll appreciate emigrating with 2 small children is a huge job in itself and not only have I not had the time to fundraise as I’d hoped but there are certain visa issues and medical risks which make it inadviseable for me to go to Africa so soon before we leave in July.

However, I have raised just under €2000. All monies donated via the my charity page went directly to them and the balance minus my nonrefundable registration fee will be lodged this week. I hope this takes a bit of the pressure off some families with premature babies and I hope I have raised some awareness for the lack of facilities in Ireland for parents who have babies in specialist NICUs. If you would like to support this cause you can at http://www.irishprematurebabies.com/ The charity have organised many other fundraising events perhaps you would like to get involved in.

Thank you to all who made donations and supported me and I’m sorry if I’ve let anyone down. I really hate not finishing what I started but it is just not possible at this time. I have learned an awful lot from my endeavour about fundraising, event management and friendship. I also discovered that I actually like hillwalking and made some great new friends. There are some really great, helpful people out there. I do still hate baked beans though.

I was really looking forward to the climb and it is not without disappointment that I have had to pull out. Mt Kilimanjaro is not going anywhere though and I will definitely climb it at another time. I wish those who do get there this year the absolute best of luck. It really is something to be very proud of.

This way though, I get to keep my husband 🙂

Thanks again,


3 responses to “With regret…

  1. €2k in this day and age is not an insignificant sum. Good for you, I’m sure the money raised will greatly benefit others. Sometimes life throws a curve ball and our plans need to change. Isn’t the essence of life change itself? You’ve generated publicity for the fund, raised money and met lots of nice people along the way. Hold those thoughts close to you and don’t think of what could have been. The mountain will always be there…..well until the next continental plate shift in a few million years anyway!

  2. What lovely things to say. Thanks Smircher.

  3. Good call, Jenny, I know how hard it was to make this decision, well done on the 2 grand. I think moving with two smallies to America will be as big a mountain, if not bigger, but at least you have George
    best wishes to you both

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