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Photos of The Kilimanjaro Rock Event

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Some fantastic photos of the bands last night thanks to Elisa Redmond.


The Night Before

So it’s the night before the biggest thing I’ve ever organised apart from my wedding and I had a shelfload of instructional material for that – I will admit I’m nervous.

I really hope people come. I really hope everybody enjoys the night. I really hope it all runs smoothly. I really hope that all the people that are giving their time, talents and best efforts to help me out are justified in doing so. I really hope I make a lot of money towards my target and I really hope my ass doesn’t look big in my jeans.

So I’m throwing these hopes out to the universe and I’m asking you; if at all possible come along. The music will be great, there are some great people coming, there are some great prizes to be won and it’s for a great cause.

Why not?

Hope to see you there From 7.30pm, Fri 24th February in Gypsy Rose

Note to self: The Kilimanjaro Rock Event is not the actual climbing of the mountain. That is yet to come.